Friday, December 26, 2014

The Midnight Pop Star

always wanted to be a pop star. In fact, my blog title came from a nickname that my

grandfather gave me, Sisi Pop! Let's just say I was always a bit sassy. 

My opening outfit for my first blog is called, The Midnight Pop Star. Midnight because of the dark colors, and pop star because of the sassy style. I love the black and gray stripes and the poofy girly girl dress. My mom says,"It's the perfect blend of casual and dressy!" So I guess she means tomboy meets girly. I may not be up wearing this dress at midnight(my bed time is 9pm), but I will be getting my daytime pop star on!  

If you are interested in getting my look, check out Forever 21 Girls! The best store ever! <3 <3 <3  You can also find my jacket there too! Click here for my jacket and here for my boots.

 EnJoy! <3

"Bouncy curls!"

"Sittin' pretty."

"Really mom?  Just one curl hanging?"

 "Cute shoes!"

"Loving life." 


"Say what you feel.."

 "Not afraid to stand out."

"Checkin' my sleeves."

 "Shy girl… NOT!"


 "Ballerina for a day."

 "Just dreaming..."



"Just ME."

See ya next time friends!


  1. Great Job Sianna Nana is very proud of your blog The Midnight Pop Star.

  2. Forever 21 has very cute young teen fashion. I 've shopped their and have a few fashion pieces. I look forward to following you as u embark on this journey Love u granddaughter.

  3. Maybe merchandising shopping in the San Francisco bat@ forever 21and you cab blog your experience here on the west coast with Nana who I'd Diffinately fashion forward! !wouldn't.that be fun!