Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Did you know nerds are cool? They're so cool in fact, that nerdy fashion is now taking over. My outfit this month was inspired by all my recent hard work in school. You see, I've been struggling in math lately, so my mom has been making me do a lot of studying.  I now know all my multiplication and division facts, and I received a 100 on my recent unit test!
So now that I'm getting better, I get to play dress up!
I am wearing an adorable floral high waisted skirt with a blue and white stripe oxford button up.  I've added a simple tan belt and a pink cardigan to spunk it up a little.  Finally, I've paired this outfit with tan ankle boots!

CliCk oN EaCh ItEm tO GeT mY lOoK...

Blue and white stripe oxford button up
Floral high waisted skirt
Pink cardigan
Tan ankle boots (See similar here)

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to me!  That's right! Last week I celebrated my 9th birthday and I had a blast! Because of my big day, I asked my mom if we could put together a birthday outfit--so here it is!

This outfit is called, "Birthday Cake," because I pretty much look like a big birthday cake! I'm wearing an adorable t-shirt from Forever 21 girls that says dreamer. I've paired it with a pair of leggings with an attached tutu that my mom found from this adorable Korean boutique in Dallas. To add layering to my outfit, I added a denim button up to wrap around my waist.

You've seen my distressed denim jacket before. If you don't remember, I also got it from Forever 21 girls. Finally, my shoes... In my pictures I'm wearing beige Toms, but on my video blog, I show you how to add different shoe styles for different looks.

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Feature: Sassy Pop Featuring Taytee Bear

For my first feature, I interviewed a baby!  Okay...  so she's my little sister... don't judge me!  Taytee Bear is rockin' the latest trend in baby fashion.  She is wearing an adorable girly/tomboy outfit complete with ruffles and cheetah print.
What I love about her outfit is her thermal.  This isn't just any old thermal, it stands out because of it's girly girl ruffles.  I also love her jeans because they are distressed and a little baggy.  Finally, her shoes... they're adorable and so cool!  And what girl doesn't love cheetah print?  Especially with pink!  If you're a mom or dad and want to dress your baby like this, check out these sites!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Funky Punk

Hello! I am back for my next fashionista feature! This next outfit is called, "Funky Punk!" I love it because it's hip and cool, yet also super punk rock! My mom and I found this shirt at H&M Kids--it's the perfect tom boy shirt because it has hearts, arrows and skulls (very girly girl punk). My black skinny jeans are from Target, and so are my awesome combat boots that go with EVERYTHING!

Watch my YouTube video for full details!  And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, "Sisi Nicole."  Enjoy! <3 Sisi