Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to me!  That's right! Last week I celebrated my 9th birthday and I had a blast! Because of my big day, I asked my mom if we could put together a birthday outfit--so here it is!

This outfit is called, "Birthday Cake," because I pretty much look like a big birthday cake! I'm wearing an adorable t-shirt from Forever 21 girls that says dreamer. I've paired it with a pair of leggings with an attached tutu that my mom found from this adorable Korean boutique in Dallas. To add layering to my outfit, I added a denim button up to wrap around my waist.

You've seen my distressed denim jacket before. If you don't remember, I also got it from Forever 21 girls. Finally, my shoes... In my pictures I'm wearing beige Toms, but on my video blog, I show you how to add different shoe styles for different looks.

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